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Inspired by Cappuccino Heath Blizzard these ice-cream sandwiches are the ultimate frozen treat!

Cappuccino Daim Ice Cream Sandwiches

I love Italian gelato. I love everything about the sophisticated flavours it boasts, creamy consistency and tiny cups with colourful spoons they serve it in. I love letting people know that one of my favourite flavours is Basil Green Apple, it sounds really posh at a dinner party. All of these things I just said […]

Green Vegetable and Chick Pea Thai Curry

Green Vegetable, New Potato and Chick Pea Thai Curry

Some dinners are carefully planned and executed and others just happen in the spur of the moment. This is one of those dinners. Just a regular mid-week night, tired children, exhausted and overworked parents, everyone is hungry, no one wants to cook. To make matters worse, no one thought to take anything out of the […]

Blood Orange Fizz

Blood Orange Fizz

When I was a teenager I fell in love with Ernest Hemingway, actually the whole “lost generation” lot of writers. I spent my early teens glued to an outdated burnt orange armchair, which is still sitting in my parents’ living room, immersed in the tortured yet somehow blissfully happy world of Remarque, Steinbeck, T.S. Elliot […]

When you make crostini once you won't stop as the toppings are endless!

Favourite Party Crostini

Brad and I were lucky to sneak away for a few hours to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. Very early on in our marriage we got amazing advice from someone much older and wiser. We have been following it religiously ever since we heard one of our college professors say, “You have to celebrate things […]

Cherry and Apricot Cake with Amaretto Cream

Cherry and Apricot Cake with Amaretto Cream

We’ve been hit with a hurricane of last week of school activities. It seems that nearly every night of the week we are at school for one performance or another. I love my children but at the end of a work day all I want to do is have a quiet dinner at home and […]

Up the game by bringing this delicious cheese and asparagus tart to your next picnic!

Asparagus and Cheese Tart

Real summer, REAL SUMMER is here! I am sorry, guy, I am so excited I am shouting. Last few days were quite the scorchers and we loved them all! We’ve spent as much time outdoors as our schedules allowed and it’s been off-the-scale glorious! I loved watching the kids and Brad playing rugby in the […]

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All you need to know to throw a successful wine and tapas party!

How to Throw a Wine and Tapas Party

July started with a bang.  The first day came with a number of memorable things-our son turned 11, which is a momentous event in the life of an English child. The moment they crossover from boyhood to manhood, the year they start a secondary school, the time when they graduate from shorts and polo shirts to […]

This Georgian Chicken in Garlic Walnut Sauce is a perfect one-pot dish  that is easy enough for a weeknight dinner while also impressive for a dinner party!

Chicken in Garlic Walnut Sauce (Satsivi)

English summer is not something you can count on. Sadly, it’s not as dependable as London buses, Big Ben or food poisoning from the local kebab stand.  Summer here comes and goes as it wishes, no explanations or apologies given. Truly hot days are more rare than we like to admit yet we go on buying suntan […]

Roasted radishes and asparagus with mustard vinaigrette. The most delicious roasted veggies that will rival your entree any time.

Roasted Asparagus and Radishes with Mustard Vinaigrette

I am finally BACK! I can’t even tell you, friends, how happy I am to be done with my course! Life, all of a sudden, is brighter, more hopeful and filled with good food and wine. After an unintended but necessary hiatus, my head is exploding with ideas for this little blog of mine and […]

Rhubarb Custard Crepe Cake

Rhubarb Custard Crêpe Cake

After weeks and weeks of studying every weekend it felt absolutely glorious to spend a Saturday flipping crepes instead. Oh how things have changed. I would never consider “slaving over a hot stove” recreation 5 months ago, however doing anything BUT designing a detailed English course or learning about specifics of audiolingualism feels like play. […]

Roasted Rhubarb Bakewell Tart. Buttery tart filled with almond filling and roasted rhubarb. Another take on the British classic.

Roasted Rhubarb Bakewell Tart

Have you ever got yourself into something more involved than you expected because of a fleeting thought? The kind that pops in your mind and you go, “Hmm, wouldn’t that be nice!” And then in the middle of the frenzy of getting it done you go again, “What was I thinking??!!” Well, this thought process […]

These citrus and vanilla bean possets are the only English pudding you need to know how to make. Simple and delicious!

Citrus and Vanilla Bean Posset

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was dragging my feet home after a particularly heavy week of studying, paper writing and exams. I felt especially sorry for myself as I had to get up before 7 am on a weekend, travel to central London to take a 3-hour long mock test in preparation for […]

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