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Delicious Peri Peri Rice and Chicken Wrap with Avocado and Spicy Yogurt Sauce. Your lunch just got very exciting!

Peri Peri Rice and Chicken Wrap

{This post was brought to you in partnership with Veetee Rice} My alarm went off at 6 am this morning and by 7:23 I was on the train on my way to work. Do you wake up this early and is it still dark outside at that ungodly hour where you live? If you answered […]

Quick Roasted Cherry Tomato and Basil Fettuccine is a healthy, vegetarian dinner that is also delicious!

Quick Roasted Cherry Tomato and Basil Fettuccine

{This post was brought to you in partnership with Vetta pasta}  When September first arrived it left us with little hope of summer returning but inexplicably it made a come back in the last week of the month. The sky is blue and the sun is shinning allowing all Londoners to take advantage of their […]

Food Photography Workshop

Food Photography Workshop

Food Photography is somethingI have been dreaming and wanting to write about for a long time but I never felt like I was ready to broach the subject. After all, 3 years ago when I first started blogging I knew nearly nothing about photography and even less about food photography, so writing about it seemed […]

These chicken thighs stuffed with mushrooms and goat cheese and wrapped in bacon are a lot easier to make than they look. What a fantastic way to serve chicken!

Chicken Thighs Stuffed with Mushrooms and Goat Cheese

A friend once pointed out to me that Russians like to stuff food inside other food. Hmm…I had to think for a minutes but I was quickly convinced in the truth of her observation after considering what we eat- Piroshki, Cabbage Rolls, Stuffed Peppers, Pelmeni, Vareniki-all these dishes is what makes Russian cuisine and all […]

French Omelette with Bacon, Potatoes and Zucchini

French Omelette with Bacon, Potatoes and Courgettes

Do you know how I often I think of going to France for a holiday? Every time we drive to Ikea. Because inevitably I spot that sign that points to France and in that moment I am so tempted to turn right to go to Calais. I know Brad would never go for it but […]

Spiced Pear Baked Oatmeal

Spiced Pear Baked Oatmeal

September always lands with a thud. This year, with my son on a new schedule as he enters secondary school, we are doing our best to survive mornings that come earlier and go by faster than ever before. Since my men need breakfast to last longer in order to survive till lunch oatmeal has become […]

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Light, fluffy and sweet this root vegetable mash is a brilliantly nutritious side dish!

Sweet Potato and Swede Mash

A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned to develop recipes for a vegetable guide for a freelance job. The vegetables I was given were the worst kind or so I thought. Leeks, Celeriac, Beetroot and Swede or, as the latter known in the US, rutabaga. I love vegetables but let’s be honest, some of them […]

Texas-style chilli recipe

Texas-Style Chilli Recipe

It is mid September yet we are already firmly planted into the autumn season. I am writing this as the rain is relentlessly pounding on the roof of my glass conservatory and if it wasn’t 10 am I’d already be reaching for a bowl of this Texas-style chilli to cozy up with. Alas, it’s too […]

Cod roasted in mustard sauce-this recipe by Ina Garten produces the most flavourful fish.

Cod Roasted in Mustard Sauce

A couple of weeks ago we stopped to say good-bye to a friend who is returning to Canada after years in England. She’d mentioned if I took as much of her stuff as possible I would be doing her a favour. What was I to do but help?!  After about half hour of sorting through […]

Simple cake for tea filled with jammy wild blackberries.

Wild Blackberry Tea Cake

Do you fancy a cup of tea and maybe some cake too? I know you are tired and need a little break. Let me tell you about this everyday blackberry cake that takes about 15 minutes to mix up, no complicated steps, no advanced baking skills required. Just mix, scatter berries on top and pop […]

Packed with fresh veggies and gluten-free millet grain this salad is healthy, lean and satisfying!

Summer Goodness Salad

Have you ever heard the expression “never trust a skinny chef”? Well…there is a reason for it. I am no chef but I cook a lot and I eat it too because I am sensible like that and it tastes darn good. The sad part of this story is that I’ve come to a point […]

Creamy sun-dried tomato and basil pasta that will only set you back 20 minutes!

Sundried Tomato, Basil and Mascarpone Pappardelle

What has happened to our summer?! The autumn came in quickly and with a great force. The temperatures are down and my flowers, that brought me so much joy through the summer, look like a bunch of scraggly spider legs hanging down flower baskets. Not a pretty sight but inexplicably I am still clinging to […]

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