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Eltham Palace

A Palace in my Backyard

There is a palace in my backyard. A real one. Princes and princesses used to live there and play in its never-ending, breathtaking parkland. Those walls have seen grand balls, banquets, heard deadly secrets and witnessed amazing historic moments. Eltham Palace, in various incarnations, has been around since 1300s and was Henry VIII’s childhood home. […]

Mediterranean Pasta with Zucchini

Mediterranean Pasta with Zucchini

It seems that I accidentally stumbled on another winner while on my unending quest for a quick midweek meal. Do you too call upon pasta when a speedy and not fussy dinner is necessary, but a long day at work requires a bit of extra comfort at the end of it? It’s often my go-to […]

Plum Tarte Tatine with Lavender Cream

Plum Tarte Tatin with Lavender Cream

The abundance of ripe summer fruit has been driving me mad! I LOVE baking but my busyness has got the best of me and I’ve been missing out on one of my favourite pastimes. So I had to cheat a little… or compromise…whatever you are more comfortable with. I was thinking that, since I don’t […]

Behind the scenes with Vikalinka

Behind the Scenes with Vikalinka

After a year and a half of blogging some of you have got to know me pretty well or so I thought.  Then my friend Noemi came over and said, “You need to show your readers who you are! People would love to see the person behind the camera.” Hmm, when I gave that idea […]

Eton Mess Semifreddo

Eton Mess Semifreddo

This past week I’ve had the joy of two friends stay with me. My friend Noemi came from the States and her sister Elizabeth all the way from Devon. I know I am starting to think like a British person because a 4 hour train ride from the other side of the country seems like […]

Broccoli and sun-dried tomato pasta.

Broccoli and Sun-dried Tomato Pasta

Do you have a household full of picky eaters? My kids definitely started that way. It’s a long and tiring road to develop healthy eating habits in your little ones but it does pay off in the end. I’ve seen huge improvements in my 10-year old who used to live off yogurt and bananas only. […]

Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter

Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter

The main reason I’ve been hanging out less and less with you guys is because I’ve been working more and more at my day job. Life’s been so busy around here that sadly, not as much cooking happening to the point that we find ourselves with an empty fridge. An overstuffed fridge with all things […]

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